How to add a basic SEO component to SvelteKit

Learn how to make a basic SEO component for a SvelteKit app and how to feed it with SEO data.

Configuring Turborepo for a SvelteKit monorepo

This post provides an overview of configuring a Turborepo for a monorepo with SvelteKit apps and dependencies. It also looks at potential pitfalls when you configure your first Turborepo.

Complement zero-effort type safety in SvelteKit with Zod for even more type safety

Zero-effort type safety in SvelteKit gives you type safety for data that flows through your app. This post shows you how to complement zero-effort type safety with Zod schemas to validate and type incoming data in a SvelteKit app.

Do I need a sitemap for my SvelteKit app, and how do I create it?

In this post, I provide an overview of when you need a sitemap, what format it should have, and explain how to create an endpoint for a sitemap in SveltKit.

Handling breaking changes in SvelteKit pre-1.0

In the last month or so, there have been many breaking changes in SvelteKit. While this is expected pre-1.0, it poses a challenge to anyone running a SvelteKit app in production. In this post, I provide guidance on working through the recent breaking changes.

Three ways to bootstrap a Svelte project

This post discusses three ways to bootstrap a Svelte project. Learn why using the official Vite Svelte templates results in the best developer experience.

Route matching in SvelteKit

This post explores how SvelteKit's filesystem-based router matches a requested route to a page or an endpoint in src/routes.

How to make SvelteKit HMR work with Gitpod

SvelteKit HMR breaks when developing with a Gitpod workspace in a browser. This post explains how to fix this.

How to wire up Fathom Analytics in a SvelteKit app

In this post, you will learn how to set up Fathom Analytics in a SvelteKit app to track pageviews and goals while ensuring privacy for your visitors.